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We realize that each company has its growing pains— areas within the business that could yield more revenue and contribute to a positive and productive employee environment. At i2i Growth, we start by gaining insight into the areas slated for improvements. We utilize different strategies to identify and analyze existing gaps. We then delve into the idea stage, developing several solutions. We then formulate a plan of action that makes sense for your business and begin the execution process.

Learning & Development

Learning Consulting

Each person has his or her personalized learning style. Therefore, a one-size-fits-all approach rarely works for your employees or customers. i2i Growth utilizes varying training methodologies that factor in adult learning theories. From creating a high-impact curriculum for one-time training to originating a multi-year educational roadmap for your entire organization, we have you covered. We help you make the right decision with all aspects of the learning cycle, from design to evaluation.

Custom Course Design

The company hired an exceptional trainer to coach its talented workforce. However, the training proved ineffective due to an outdated curriculum. With our custom course design service, we can redesign a well-rounded program. We ensure that the course incorporates the three main learning styles— kinesthetic, visual, and auditory—to create better learner engagement and retention.

Custom eLearning Development

Is your business a fast-growing organization trying to figure out how to scale your training team to meet sudden demand? We have launched highly engaging, self-paced online learning modules in SCORM and xAPI formats for past clients and integrated them into their preferred learning platform.

Compliance Courses

If the mention of compliance training seems boring and tedious, your company has NOT tried our courses on USA Harassment Prevention, Unconscious Bias, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, InfoSec Awareness, Phishing Assessment, HIPAA, CCPA, and GDPR. We build our compliance courses to be engaging enough to make your workforce excited to learn. Seems too good to be true? Contact us for a free demo.

Learning Platform

Currently hosting learning courses on SharePoint or an Intranet site? Take your training opportunities to the next level with an enterprise cloud-hosted Learning Management System (LMS), which provides the power of role-based access, course completion reports, automatic certificate generation, and much more. A LMS can make it easier to mark attendance, capture participant feedback, and conduct post-training knowledge checks, all at the click of a button. Say goodbye to paper-based attendance sheets and knowledge checks forever.

Worried about expensive course authoring tools? We can use the native authoring capability to create interactive and video-based content. We can develop a LMS with the capability to create courses and host third-party SCORM-compliant content.

Sales Consulting

“Your product is costly.” “Your proposal is beyond our allotted budget.” “We already have that area covered!” If you are in the sales industry, it is not uncommon to hear these sentiments expressed by consumers. Is your business struggling from not getting enough customer interactions? Is a significant amount of your deals taking too long to close? Are your salespeople proactively diffusing objectives or waiting until the prospect raises them?

We understand sales consulting and can help your sales teams counter objectives, master the art of customer-centric customer service to land and close deals quicker, and identify the benefits of the products they are selling.

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